When Is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis Plants?

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When Is the Right Time to Harvest Cannabis Plants?

Harvesting your cannabis garden is often the most exciting time when it comes to growing. All your previous efforts culminate in this moment when the decision is made to cut your crop. Because so much is riding on the decision to harvest, it’s important to understand what is happening on a chemical level with the cannabis plants. What do you need to consider when harvest approaches to ensure the best crop possible?

There are several factors, but each vary in accuracy:

  • The flowering time recommended by the breeder
  • The color of the stigma (the hair-like strands that cover the bud)
  • The color of the trichomes

The time recommended by the breeder is actually the least accurate measurement of when to harvest. Breeder information should be used to help determine your garden schedule, but it has less to do with when the plants are in peak harvest.

A more accurate factor is looking at the stigma. You can make a solid estimate of when to harvest by tracking the stigma’s change in color from white to orange.

Observing your buds’ trichomes offers the most accurate indication of when cannabis is ready to harvest. It is in the trichomes that the actual science behind when to harvest exists.

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