How Many Varieties of Marijuana Are There?

Explore the world of cannabis with this guide to the different types of weed strains available. Learn about the two main types of weeds determined by the species of cannabis plant from which they are derived.

How Many Varieties of Marijuana Are There?

Experts suggest that there are more than 700 varieties of cannabis, with at least 779 varieties having been named and recognized by the marijuana community. Cannabis is a plant like any other, and just like choosing between different types of apples, there are plenty of medical marijuana options available to choose from. The most important characteristic of a cannabis strain is the THC content, and there are two main types of weeds determined by the species of cannabis plant from which they are derived. Different types of weed strains have different growth structures, yield, terpenes, THC, cannabinoid compounds, among other attributes.

Indica-type marijuana strains tend to be short, bushy plants, while Sativa cannabis species are tall and thin. Cannabis growers create new strains by breeding male and female plants and crossing two strains to form a hybrid. Different varieties of cannabis produce different effects and can therefore be used for different reasons. For example, certain cannabis strains might help a person's migraines, while a different strain doesn't help at all.

It takes much less time to mature and is very resistant to frost and cold, making it ideal for creating new strains of weeds destined to have these desirable attributes. Huge strain databases, such as Leafly, have more than 3,600 unique cannabis strains on their website. And while it is virtually impossible to get an accurate count of how many strains exist, it also means that there is no shortage of new strains to test.The continuous development of different types of weed varieties is vital for introducing the desired traits. If a grower experiments with a strain and it becomes a popular choice, that particular strain could take off and become marketable.

With ongoing research, there will surely be even more medical advances in the treatment of various ailments using specially prescribed marijuana strands.