Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain


Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain will improves mood, provokes laughter, relieves stress. Full-body relaxation, laziness, and keeps the pain under control.



Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain is an Indica 80/20 dominant hybrid that is a force to be reckoned with. This cannabis can reach an amazing level of 24-28% THC. As a result, it hits users quickly and hard. It derives its flavor from spices and honey from its Blueberry origin. Hardcore OG smells delicious sweet tea, the heads are compact and small. Hardcore OG is good for medical and recreational use at night and in the evening due to its strong sedative properties.

THC levels are out of control with this strain as peaks have been measured at the 28% mark But a look at Hardcore OG’s tiny heads tells you the same thing, with a super-glossy layer of trichomes covering gold pistils and neon green colors. Many like to use the thick layer of resin to make super powerful concentrates, but if you decide to take one or two strokes you will be pleasantly surprised. Notes of herbs, honey, and tea blend for a delicious taste and aroma.

Hardcore OG Cannabis Strain Indica Review

Hardcore OG Marijuana Strain is known for its delicious taste and aroma of wonderfully spiced honeyed herbal teas. When ready for harvest, the buds reveal a mixture of neon and dark green leaves covered with milky trichomes, shaped like small stones and golden pistils. The variety of cannabis Hardcore OG induces a strong cerebral euphoria, followed by a deep relaxation of body and mind. Improves mood, provokes laughter, relieves stress. Followed by full-body relaxation, laziness, and sedation. Stimulates the appetite, keeps the pain under control.

This strain would be great for consumers looking to relieve stress, depression, headaches, ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, and other mood issues or minor athletic injuries. Due to its moderate THC level. The scent of Hardcore OG is potent enough that a sensitive nose may be able to smell it through the packaging. It’s recommended that smokers with discretion concerns take precautions so that the smell is concealed well.

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