Lemon Cookies Kush Cannabis


Lemon Cookies Kush Cannabis – This strain is recommended for those who need medication for physical inflammatory conditions.



Lemon Cookies Kush Cannabis is a rare hybrid variety with a dominant light Sativa (60% Sativa / 40% Indica), made from a cross of the powerful Lemon OG X Girl Scout Cookies strains. With this button, the name says it all in the taste department. Lemon Cookies Kush has a sweet and sour taste of lemon cookies with a slightly earthy exhalation. This strain is recommended for those who need medication for physical inflammatory conditions. The terpene profile contributes to its ability to reduce inflammation, and since it doesn’t cause sluggishness, it’s a good day cultivar.

Lemon Cookies Kush Marijuana Strain

The aroma has a more caustic taste, with richly spicy citrus and sweet hazelnut. Lemon Cookies Kush high has a great start before it falls into oblivion, with effects that touch the mind more than the body. A few minutes after your last gesture, you feel a surge of creative energy in your brain, making you completely euphoric and artistically inclined. This effect can quickly transform Stoney, leaving you blurry and sleepy with a deeply relaxing feeling that fills the mind and body for hours. Cottonmouth and red eyes are possible side effects of lemon cookies. Over-medication can also cause feelings of anxiety or paranoia, so be careful.

Lemon Cookies Kush Cannabis gives a strong cerebral effect with physical effects. It starts with the main race and more creativity. This revival is stimulating but will eventually turn into a stoned physical buzz. It becomes relaxing and drowsy. Thanks to these effects and the high average content of 24 to 28% THC, Lemon Cookies Kush is often chosen by patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. This bud has long, oversized flat mint green clogs with many fine orange hairs and a layer of golden crystal trichomes.

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