What is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain?

OG Kush is a California legend that first spread in Florida but became popular in Los Angeles with powerful heavy & long-lasting effects leaving you superpositioned but not stuck on couch.

What is the Most Popular Marijuana Strain?

OG Kush is a California legend that first spread in Florida, but became popular in Los Angeles. It has a complex blend of sour, skunk and citrus aromas and flavors, thanks to its myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpenes. While its flavors are well known, the effects are what really made OG Kush famous. The OG Kush is the original hybrid with powerful, heavy and long-lasting effects that leave you superpositioned, but not exactly stuck on the couch.

Many of the varieties we love today come from OG Kush, whether they are crosses or phenotypes, such as Kosher Kush, Triangle Kush and SFV OG. Recently, Seth Rogen confirmed that the Pineapple Express strain didn't exist until they made the movie, so there's your chicken and egg. There are many strains with all kinds of genetics that are sold as Pineapple Express today. The best known variant is from G13 Labs, which crossed Trainwreck and Hawaiian to produce a cannabis cultivar with citrus and tropical flavors, backed by Kushy earthy (you can thank Trainwreck for that).

AK-47 is one of those super popular strains that people don't know much about, apart from the fact that the buds are usually dense and flooded with orange hairs. It is believed that the lineage is a mixture of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan genetics. One of those popular varieties that go unnoticed, you know? Regardless of where and how we got AK-47, the high is known to be strong, long-lasting and mentally stimulating.

Blue Dream

is the best-known cannabis strain in the world.

So much so that there are several genetics and strains that claim to be the real BD. With that in mind, most of us know Blue Dream as a cross between a Haze and a Blueberry. Blue Dream lovers defend its sweet taste and mood boosting effects that make it the perfect example of a feel-good cannabis strain. It is reported that it improves mood and the effects on the head are so widespread that they have made their way into the mainstream.

Gelato came out of nowhere and set fire to the game years ago. It is the most watched variety in Weedmaps Strains. This variety, which bears the name of the dessert, has a variety of flavors. Some cultivars are grape and fizzy; others are berry and earthy; others are simply sweet and floral.

Regardless of how your ice cream smells, those powerful effects manifest quickly. Most people book Gelato for the late hours of the day because of its ability to lock it on the couch for a few hours. While there is no doubt about the popularity of Green Crack, it may surprise that it is the second most watched strain in Weedmaps Strains. Green Crack is one of those cultivars that people always suggest for daytime consumption because of its brain effects.It usually hits you with a “Oh, HI, yeah, I'm up a little high”.

The buds are beautiful, with light green and orange colors, and the aroma is usually sour and citrus.

Purple Haze

is one of the varieties known to people who don't even smoke, largely thanks to the song of the same name and the psychedelic culture of the 60s.Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, Sour Dies or East Coast Sour Diesel, is another strain that has surpassed cannabis culture and is now known in general pop culture. The name comes from its sour and citrus flavor. Diesel activates in the aroma when you squeeze the buds, but in general this strain is more lemony and earthy than gassy.It is believed that the lineage of Sour Diesel is Chemdog 91 and Skunk, although there are now so many Sour Diesel varieties on the market that you really don't know if what you're buying is the real Sour.

As for the effects, people are looking for Sour Diesel to help them get through the day. Many say it's energizing and focusing; others say it's soothing and euphoric.

Kush Mint

is a cross between Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. It is a hybrid that is evenly balanced from Sativa and Indica genetics. The origin of the Kush Mint variety can be traced back to the breeder Seed Junky who is also known for producing variety Wedding Cake.

Purple Haze

is one of the most popular hybrid strains with 15% Indica and 85% Sativa.

Purple Haze is a cross between popular Purple Thai x Haze Strain variety which was named after classic song by Jimi Hendrix called “Purple Haze”.Purple Haze has layer milky trichomes violet hairs with earthy berry aroma touch sweetness spicy berry flavor. Conditions can be treated Green Crack stress PTSD migraine loss appetite fatigue depression chronic pain bipolar disorder autism anxiety buds have large very thick dark green wood buds transparent resin drops.The scent Gelato has bouquet lavender citrus berries touch sweetness taste ice cream like blueberry orange fruit sweet sorbet effects Gelato relaxing calming slowly flood sense well-being peace may relieve symptoms conditions such PTSD muscle spasms loss appetite insomnia inflammation headache fibromyalgia fatigue depression chronic pain bipolar disorder.This strain has effects will make feel happy lively relaxed many consider one most delicious varieties exist since blueberry berry flavors earthy touch this strain has high THC levels between 17 24%. Other than lot fans because “high effect” moment this strain enters body will begin feel euphoric effect will improve mood once high subsides will feel happy happy not surprising given...