The Origins of Iconic Cannabis Strains

Learn about some of the most iconic cannabis strains in history - from Northern Lights to AK-47 - and their origins.

The Origins of Iconic Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Sativa is probably the oldest scientific name given to a strain of marijuana that is pure sativa and is not hybrid. It originated in Asia and North Africa, but it didn't take long to find its way to the west. The word “local race” comes from the Danish language and means “origin”. Native marijuana strains represent the oldest known cannabis varieties, and are the ancestors of the many different types of hybrids that cannabis users enjoy today.

A handful of cannabis strains have been so successful that they have gained prestige among consumers, such as Northern Lights, AK-47, Amnesia and a few more.The original Amnesia was grown by Super Strains (a Dutch seed bank that works with genetics from all over the world) and quickly became the company's flagship. After taking the first puff, the breeder felt a strong euphoria and clarity, which supposedly caused tears. From that moment on, the Super Strains team knew they had created something wonderful. There's a new kid in town.

She will conquer the world, wrote the mysterious breeder, describing the day she tried Amnesia for the first time.Blueberry is a premier cannabis strain. A potent indica strain, this iconic strain has become a favorite among smokers around the world in recent years. The history of this strain, however, dates back to the 1970s. Blueberry was created by DJ Short, a legendary cannabis breeder who was apparently working with a variety of native varieties at the time.AK-47, despite its strong name, is appreciated by cannabis users for its strong effects that leave users reassured and reassured.

A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is known to produce a strong euphoria characterized by brain stimulation, as well as a pleasant underlying physical high. AK-47 was first developed in 1992 by Simon, lead breeder of Serious Seeds, a Dutch seed bank.Skunk cannabis strains are arguably some of the most common in the world. They are known for their resilience, making them ideal for growing in a wide variety of climates. The original Skunk was created by a legendary cannabis breeder known as Sam The Skunkman.The cradle of the native strains of Cannabis sativa is Asia, Anatolia and North Africa.

These native varieties tend to be much taller (up to 3-4 meters) and thinner than their Indica counterpart, with greater internodal spacing and long, often airy flower clusters, and significant stretching during their very long flowering period. The leaves are thin and have deeply toothed striations. The aroma of Sativa flowers is often described as fruity and floral.Some famous Sativa strains are Thai, Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison and Panama Red. It shouldn't surprise us where Afghan weed comes from, and it's one of the most recognizable native varieties in the world.

This strain stays true to its Indica origins by inducing a long but pleasant high that closes the sofa.So there you have it; a detailed summary of some of the most iconic cannabis strains and their origins. All of these strains and many more are available at the Zamnesia marijuana seed store.