The 10 Strongest Indica Marijuana Strains

Are you looking for some strong Indica strains? Check out our list featuring 10 strongest Indica marijuana strains available on the market today! Get ready for some serious relaxation!

The 10 Strongest Indica Marijuana Strains

If you're looking for the strongest variety of Indica, then you can't go wrong with the Strawberry Banana. This is a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Crocket's Banana Kush, resulting in a 70% Indica cannabis strain with a high THC level of 26%. As reported by most experienced stoners, the high of Strawberry Banana starts with a medium head buzz that slowly turns into a full-blown euphoric and elevated high. It has great medicinal value, and is used to relieve chronic pain, stress, depression and loss of appetite.

It is also the best heavy Indica strain if you have trouble falling asleep.Death Star is an Indica hybrid strain that results from the crossing of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, with the best characteristics of its parents. With 75% Indica, this strain has all the effects related to cannabis in this class. It has a high THC level of up to 27%, and is used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, stress and mild depression.Skywalker OG, sometimes called Skywalker OG Kush, is 85% Indica. It is a very potent strain with a THC level between 20 and 25%, the result of crossing Skywalker and OG Kush.

Experienced stoners describe it as one of the varieties of Indica cannabis, which is a potent strain that will leave you locked on the couch and completely relaxed.Chocolate OG is a pure Indica strain that is named after its dark appearance. It is a cross between True OG and Chocolate Rain. It is one of the marijuana strains with the highest amount of THC in Indica, with an average of 26%. Some producers have reported a huge figure of 32%.

If you are looking for an Indica strain for sleep, you can rely on the sedative and calming effects of Chocolate OG.Grease Monkey is an aromatic strain characterized by a sugary diesel skunk and a vanilla undertone. Whole body effects start slowly behind the eyes before bringing the whole body into a state of relaxation with soothing and lulling effects. Due to its sedation and other positive effects, this strong Indica strain is ideal for treating insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, among other recurrent conditions.One of the most notable indica varieties we have is ICE. Acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme, it will look like your plants are covered in an icy frost once the harvest arrives.

ICE matures its abundant, bright buds in just 8 weeks of flowering, but many growers prefer to extend the phase to 10 weeks. ICE is a hybrid of Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk, a marriage that culminates in a spicy, earthy and herbaceous aroma along with a decadent high.Sweet ZZ is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit that lives up to its name. It has an incredibly sweet aroma and taste, and many users report a smoke mixed with hints of caramel. Although Sweet ZZ is indica-dominant, you'll definitely feel some of the sativa effects of this strain.

Usually, relaxation, creativity and mild feelings of euphoria are reported.Our sweet Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a touch of sativa and 19% THC. This magical blend of Bubble Gum and OG Kush inspires a relaxing and natural bliss as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble Kush grows up to 140 cm indoors and 200 cm outdoors, producing great yields in both environments.This beloved indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossing Oregon Blueberry with the popular Original Cheese (UK Cheese). Cheese varieties have quite a different taste and smell, and this definitely applies to Blue Cheese, although it has an extra touch of sweetness from Blueberry.

In addition to its wonderful taste, it also induces very strong effects.Strawberry Banana is not only one of the strongest Indica strains on the market but also one of the most popular ones. This strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. The blend makes it a powerful sedative hybrid with an average THC content between 22-26%. It encourages a joyful mental high and deep relaxation.The Ice Wreck stain is another Indica hybrid derived from the crossing of Trainwreck and ice.

It provides a psychedelic experience due to its high THC concentration (27%). The strain causes brain stimulation similar to sativa while offering relaxation that comes with Indica. G-13 has quite an interesting history as some believe it was created in an improvement experiment funded by the United States government (although there's no evidence to support this claim). However, its potency gives it five stars as it has an average THC content between 20-24%.Kosher Kush has been bred by DNA genetics from California but doesn't have clear Indica heritage.

It has strong scent along with lots of pine and lemon aromas plus very strong effects due to its high THC content (20-24%).<.